About Us

“In an increasingly lonely and fragmented world, it is our mission to use our training, skills and aptitude to promote a more connected way of living, with healthy, productive, mutually rewarding relationships at the heart of everything we do.
The Counselling Lab is dedicated to the continuing study and understanding of the mind and to using integrated and dynamic counselling theory which supports change and growth for clients.
We are committed to building healthy relationships, including with those who choose to work with us, and will structure therapy and practice to client needs and outcomes, rather than fitting clients into predetermined models”  

Leigh Brannon MA MBACP

Founder of The Counselling Lab, Leigh is a Relational Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer, who works with couples, individuals and young people. Leigh is Relate trained and qualified with a Masters degree in Relational Therapy. Leigh uses an integrated counselling model, which is a blend of psychodynamic, systemic and person-centred thinking. This way of working is unique in that it selects therapeutic models which directly affect the way we relate to one another.

Clients often come to try to unravel how, what was once a wonderful relationship, now just seems like hard work. Or maybe the arrival of a new baby, retirement, or difficulties with work, have changed the way you fit together.  Other clients come alone, to try to discover how it is that they struggle to find the one they want, or that they always seem to end up unhappily.  Counselling can be for a short time, or for a longer period, if that's what is needed.

Leigh specialises in relational trauma, coercive control, and understanding past family relationships and the effect they have on the here and now.  Leigh also has specialist knowledge about the impact of addictions on relationships.  Leigh has worked with Relate in Birmingham, Doncaster and across mid-Yorkshire region and is a Lecturer at Doncaster College, teaching BA Counselling Solutions. She also offers Clinical Supervision to other counsellors.

Leigh has previously worked with the NHS as an Addictions Therapist, with historic rape and sexual abuse, and has been a contributor to BBC Radio York.

Andrea Firth Dip. LLB MBACP

Andrea is an experienced Relate trained counsellor offering counselling to couples and individuals, irrespective of relationship status and inclusive of all sexualities.

Asking for help and support can feel like a big step to take, and that many clients might feel nervous about what to expect. In recognition of this, Andrea provides a counselling environment that is relaxed, confidential, supportive and down-to -earth.

Although Andrea’s expertise is relationships, you don’t have to be in a relationship for counselling to beneficial. Support can be offered to individuals who are worried about being alone, or considering the future of their relationship, and along with her diploma in Relationship Counselling, Andrea has a Law Degree, which means that she can understand and navigate the sometimes difficult world of separation and divorce.

Issues such as infidelity, trust, parenting styles, sex and intimacy and the dynamic of managing home and family life can really compound the feeling of ‘stuckness’, leaving couples in a cycle of negative communication where very little is resolved.

In her role as Counsellor, Andrea sees herself as a ‘tour guide’ –and whilst exploring your relationship, can offer different perspectives and alternative strategies to help get things back on track. Counselling is in a safe, calm and non-judgemental space, set in the beautiful grounds at St Catherine’s House.