Frequently Asked Questions

About Counselling

The terms Counselling and Psychotherapy are largely interchangeable, although generally speaking, Counselling is considered to be short term (6-8 weeks), and Psychotherapy to be longer term therapy (12 weeks and more).

Some models of counselling lend themselves to shorter term work.

An integrated approach means that the work can be flexible to meet the demands and pockets of clients, and to support them in the changes they want to make.

The effectiveness of counselling can depend on lots of different factors: Your engagement in the process; the type of counselling you access; whether the time is right for you to make the change. Research shows that counselling tends to be more effective when you have a good therapeutic relationship with your counsellor. Arrange a call with us to talk to your counsellor by using our Contact Form.

For some people, 4-6 sessions is all they want, others, longer. 

Your therapist will understand, and will be happy to refer you on.  Do be prepared to talk to your therapist about it, they will be happy to help.

About Working with The Counselling Lab

Sessions can be provided Face to Face in the Durham area, or by Webcam or Phone

The cost per session depends on the type of session booked. For Counselling the cost is £70 for 60 minutes. Supervision is a bespoke offering so please Contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

The safety of you as a client, and the safety of our counsellors is paramount.

With that in mind, we require clients to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for Face to Face sessions. Alternatively, we can provide Phone or Webcam sessions.

We have been providing confidential, secure counselling sessions via these mediums for a number of years and have effective processes in place to ensure security and confidentiality.