Life throws us unexpected challenges.  Sometimes, a life transition is unexpected or takes us by surprise.  Other times we find ourselves stuck, stagnated, and unable to move forward.  The Counselling Lab is dedicated to supporting you through transitions, and enabling you to create the change you want.

We know that you are not an island, sometimes change affects, or is affected by other people.  Therefore we use Integrated, Relational and Dynamic counselling theory which supports change and helps it stick. Therapy is structured around your needs and outcomes, rather than fitting you into predetermined models of counselling.

Considering seeing a counsellor is a big step, one you will have thought about carefully before looking for someone who might suit you.  But seeing a therapist can help with so many things.  Often it’s hard to see why we are not able to sort things out for ourselves – talking with a counsellor can give you that perspective which enables you to look at things in a different way.

Anxiety and depression are often caused by a feeling that something isn’t right, but when you’re stuck, it’s often difficult to see that change is possible.  Counselling can help with that.  Sometimes our relationships seem difficult or unsatisfactory, and it’s hard to see a way through, or a decision seems to tough to face.  Counselling can help, for one person, a couple, or even for family members together.

You may prefer to be seen Face to Face in the Durham area, or perhaps you’re considering counselling via Webcam or Phone.  Check out the menu for more information.