Counselling for Couples, Individuals and Young People in Doncaster & South Yorkshire

Face to Face counselling in Doncaster, and "Virtual" counselling by either Phone or WebCam.

The Counselling Lab provides Counselling for Couples, Individuals, Adults and Young People, and SupervisionTraining and Professional Development for Counselling Professionals in Doncaster and South Yorkshire.

Understanding how and why we connect is vital, whether you are overwhelmed by the demands placed upon you by others, or feeling lonely and isolated.  Increasing digitalisation, polarisation in politics and our hectic schedules seem to conspire to make our lives fragmented and disjointed.

At The Counselling Lab, we believe in healthy relationships and social connections, in whatever form they take for you, and we strive to be mindful of those in our work with clients.  At the beginning of 2018, Leigh Brannon, Relate trained Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Tutor recognised that there is a need for reliable, trustworthy and flexible counselling, specialising in Relational thinking. Whether you are an individual, a couple, or a young person, counselling which is informed by how we fit into our world will be useful in supporting you.

Life throws us unexpected challenges

Sometimes, a life transition has unexpected consequences, at others, change is thrust upon us when we are unprepared.  Perhaps we find ourselves stuck, and unable to move forward; to make the change we badly need.  The Counselling Lab is dedicated to supporting you through transitions, at your pace, and mindful of those around you.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”.

James Baldwin
American Novelist and Social Critic 1924-1987

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UKCP psychotherapists @KateMoylePsyc, Murray Blacket and @LucyBeresford spoke to @HuffPost about the increase in young people seeking relationship therapy. Read it here: #Therapy #Relationship

Why is long term psychotherapy/counselling so hard to access on he NHS? if you had a chronic, complex physical condition, you wouldn't be given 6 or 20 weeks of treatment then told 'that's your lot'. Long term therapies are essential for some people to reach full functioning.

#GoodMorning It’s our inaugural #TEDxDoncaster sponsored by @MyDoncaster who are collaborating with Doncastrians to co-create and co-design an inclusive forward thinking borough where everyone has the opportunity to go #BeyondExpectation #UrbanCentreMasterPlan #DoncasterIsGreat

5. Healing is not a solo exercise to be done behind doors as an exercise in 'resilience'. Some stuff can only be healed relationally. That is, with another, others. There is a neolib lie that says 'this issue is YOURS'. But your distress is also mine.

3. We need to broaden our dialogue & action around stigma We cannot keep only talking about anxiety+
depression saying 'the days of stigma are over' well done us. They are not. Trauma, shame, anger, violence, addiction etc. say otherwise.


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